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We have just published our new book Future Focused Leadership check it out here!
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A Bold Vision for the Future

Our vision
Be the premier strategic foresight consulting agency and go-to experts on employing foresight to help leaders and organizations achieve their goals.
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About Us

Meet our team of consulting futurists.

We help leaders become future-focused by putting foresight at the core of your strategies, operations, and decision-making.

Dr. Mike Petty

Co-Founder & Consulting Futurist
Dr. Michael Petty III is a foresight coach, consulting futurist and co-founder of Flagship Futures Group, LLC, the strategic foresight consulting firm. Mike has over 45 years experience in executive leadership, business, strategy formulation & execution, and finance. created and conducted workshops on the development of strategic foresight and futures thinking for the International Conference of the World Futures Society.
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Dr. Thomas Vande Zande

Co-Founder & Consulting Futurist
Dr. Thomas Vande Zande is a foresight coach, consulting futurist and co-founder at Flagship Futures Group, LLC, the strategic foresight consulting firm. Thomas has 15 years of leadership, software engineering, information technology (IT), business strategy, and project management experience. He is a veteran of both the United States Air Force and United States Coast Guard.
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Our mission at FFG is simple;
help leaders achieve long-term success by making foresight the cornerstone of their operations, strategies, and decision-making.

Thomas V.
Flagship Futures Group

Our Guiding Behaviors

Our guiding behaviors are what drive our actions each and every day to further our mission.

Put Others First

We value relationships the most, so we constantly strive to put others first. Integrity is key to any long-term relationship, as is open and honest communication.

Take Intelligent Action

We are always seeking new and innovative ways of thinking and acting and refuse to get stifled. We make informed decisions and always follow through.

Always Seek Progress

We have an insatiable hunger for knowledge and regularly work at improving who we are and what we do for those most important to us.

Become a future-focused leader.

Already future-focused? Take our free survey and see how your future readiness stacks up.

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