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Dr. Thomas Vande Zande

Co-Founder & Consulting Futurist

Dr. Thomas Vande Zande is a consulting futurist and co-founder at Flagship Futures Group, LLC. Thomas has 14 years of extensive leadership, software development, information technology (IT), and project management experience. He is a veteran of both the United States Air Force and United States Coast Guard.

While working in enterprise systems and asset management, Thomas decided to pursue his doctoral degree in Business Administration with a strong focus in Strategy and Strategic Foresight. This allowed him to broaden his already keen IT knowledge and apply future-looking strategy formulation to traditionally stale government IT implementations.

Expanding on his existing wealth of IT knowledge and leadership experience, Dr. Vande Zande has worked strategically with directorate level military and contract management teams on procurement, project management, and asset software development in fast-paced agile development environments on full life cycle software development, deployment, and maintenance activities.

Dr. Vande Zande is the sole-developer of Flagship Futures Group proprietary environmental scanning system, the FutureScope, and co-developer along with Dr. Mike Petty of the firm’s proprietary futures management framework - The 5 Practices of Future-Focused Leaders.

Applying his foresight knowledge, Dr. Vande Zande has helped provide solutions to future problems. By helping clients create visions of their preferred future, along with identification of necessary interim actions based on future-looking plans Dr. Vande Zande contributes to his clients sustained long term success and achievement of their best future.

Thomas earned is bachelor’s and master’s degrees in information technology and software development from Stratford University. While attending Stratford, he also earned two post-graduate certificates in advanced studies for Futures Studies and Business Futures culminating his research in a Doctor of Business Administration degree, with a specialization in Strategic Foresight.

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