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Our personalized consulting program helps organizations just like yours thrive through future-focused thinking. So they can get ahead of opportunities and risks before they emerge to confidently achieve long-term success.
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are looking for the ability to anticipate evolving technology trends.
Source: PwC
of executives think their current business models are at risk.
Source: McKinsey
of CEOs are concerned about new entrants disrupting business models
Source: KPMG
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The 5 Practices Framework is a comprehensive, yet structured process to help leaders think differently about their organizations and the future.

When leaders are future focused they are more likely to achieve lasting long-term success.

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Setup an appointment time and date. Then, we sit down and customize the engagement to ensure we meet your future needs.

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Implement our 5 Practices Framework and start gaining actionable insights on the path to your best future.

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Your Future

Confidently pursue new opportunities and mitigate risks as they emerge. Guide your organization to long-term success.

“They helped us navigate very turbulent waters and address
some ugly underlying issues that had plagued the team for years.”

Jonathon Black
CEO at Black Dunes Design

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Jonathon Black
CEO at Black Dunes Design
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life is too short

Stop putting out constant fires.

  • Stop reacting and end the frustration.

  • Turn firefighting into future-proofing.

  • Your company was designed for so much more.

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We turn firefighting into future-proofing!
Most companies get stuck in operational firefighting and don’t achieve their best future. We help them create future-focus, so they can stop reacting and get in front of change, new opportunities, and risks before they exist.
Dr. Thomas Vande Zande
Co-Founder & Consulting Futurist
Dr. Michael Petty
Co-Founder & Consulting Futurist
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