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Develop a skill only few possess and become distinguished as on of the few leaders that understands the future through foresight.

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See Change Sooner
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Decrease Uncertainty
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Get Desired Outcomes
Why you need foresight

Your future is too important to leave to chance.

Many times "future" or "annual" plans are guesses without context that don't match an ever-changing reality. Foresight gives you the missing context that lets you spot changes early, course correct before it's too late, and shape your future.
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Reduce re-work & confusion
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Avoid uncertianty & doubt
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Better align assets to the future
The Value of future-focus

Change the way you think about the future.

Take your organization's FUTURE...

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Add clarity around areas of uncertainty and change like evolving technology, shifting demographics, and changing regulations.
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Break down the mystery of change and see it sooner so you can confidently plan for it instead of respond and adapt to it.
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Identify clear paths toward opportunity and away from risky threats and disruption that are holding your organization back.
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Gain compounding returns on your investment by shaping your future for ideal, long-term success.
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Let us be your guides

We're leaders too,
we understand.

With over 30 years of experience, we understand the challenge of making plans for the unknown, with less time than ever to consider all of the options.

Better Insights

Better decisions come from reliable and actionable insights to use right now.

Caring Advice

We are expert foresight practitioners, but we care most about you and your organization.

Desired Outcomes

Let us help you become future-focused, get ahead of change, and achieve your best future.
Achieve your best future

It's easy as 1, 2, 3.

We help leaders like you go from present management to future-focused leadership.


Call us to learn more.
When you request a call, we take time, listen, and discuss how change is affecting your future planning.
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On-site or remote
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Dedicated session
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Discuss your goals
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Set an action plan


Find your perfect fit.
Continuously improve your future-focused leadership through our unique foresight framework experience.
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Best fit delivery
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Ongoing accountability
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Supercharged foresight


Understand the future.
End strategic procrastination and become distinguished as one of few leaders that understands the future.
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See change earlier
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Inform decision-making
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Navigate uncertainty
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Finally achieve results

Ready to get started?

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Dr. Petty and Dr. Vande Zande's message in Future-Focused Leadership is critical to follow if a business is to have success in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Drew F.
CEO - Jenkins Restoration

Dr. Mike Petty and Dr. Vande Zande have a road map that will get you to the future thriving not just surviving.”

Greg L.
CEO - Convene
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A Future-Focused Leader

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Check out our book

Future Focused Leadership

How to thrive in the future amid unprecedented change, complexity, and uncertainty
Future Focused Leadership Book by Dr. Michael Petty III and Dr. Thomas Vande Zande
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