The 5 practices of
future-focused leaders

Our proprietary process was built during doctoral research and vetted through experimentation and use with real organizations to create a successful future-focus for leaders of all organizations.
the 5 practices framework

a process for leaders
in all organizations

The 5 Practices of Future-Focused Leaders helps organizations like yours thrive through future-focus. So they can get ahead of opportunities and risks before they emerge to confidently achieve lasting long-term success.

The 5 Practices framework is...


To add clarity around uncertainty in areas like technology, regulations, and demographics.


Helps break down the mystery of change and begin to see and track change as it emerges.


To identify an iterative and repeatable path toward opportunities and away from risks and threats.


Gain compounding return on your investment by shaping your future long-term success.

a clear path from today

how to get from today...

Too many executives and leaders develop and execute their current operations plans without considering the business environment and critical changes that are taking place which could jeopardize their plans.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the future is predetermined, our actions and focus help shape the future into a desired set of outcomes.

to the future your best future

By developing future focus, leaders become much more aware of change that will drive their industry and market, so they and their teams can create the organization’s best future. Allowing them to take advantage of strategic opportunities and avoid or minimize strategic risks, disruption, and future fragility.


The primary reason today to be future focused is to seize opportunity and reduce risk, uncertainty, and the number of unknowns that exist in the path of your organization’s long-term success.

the 5 practices framework

the iterative process

How can we really prepare for the future?
What should we be doing differently?

what's the point

Future-Focused Leadership

Leadership is the action of leading a group of people to the successful achievement of a planned outcome.. Future- focused leadership involves confidently leading an organization to its best future. Navigating confidently through challenging risk and uncertainty amid rapidly changing times requires a proven process. One that can be iterated over until a successful outcome is effectively achieved. The 5 Practices framework is that process.


The 5 Practices framework allows for a clear and understandable path to approach the future. It gives leaders and their organizations a systematic way to breakdown the forces shaping their current and future business while recognizing the changes occurring that lead to new opportunities if acted upon. The process quite literally leads to successful new opportunities if acted upon at the earliest opportune time.