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Our services helps leaders like you establish long-term outlook without sacrificing today's needs. So you can get the insights you want and leave the legacy you desire.

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Each of our offerings is a uniquely different delivery method of our proprietary Future-Focused Leadership framework.


A peer group setting great for leaders interested in developing or expanding foresight skills and understanding the future.
Per Month
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12 Month Program
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In-person reception/kickoff dinner event
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10 Monthly 3-hour guided group sessions
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12 Monthly mentorship 1-on-1 sessions
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In-person closing ceremony
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A 2-day team session on-site to identify and understand the future drivers of change in your business focused on action.
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2 Half-Day Sessions
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Offered on-site only for best results/collaboration
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For teams of 6 - 12 participants/members
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Follow-on support and accountability
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Identified actionable
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The high capacity option to identify future drivers of change, create scenarios, and develop actionable future pathways.
For more
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Min 5 Month Commitment
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Can be scaled to divisions of an organization or business
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5 Monthly 2-day in-person sessions with your team
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Monthly 1-on-1 mentorship
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Follow-on access to experts, support, and accountability
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future focus: foresight 101

What you need to know about the facts and benefits of future focus.

What is foresight and why should I care?

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Strategic foresight is the ability to use one’s knowledge of today’s world to gain insights into the future, more specifically, insights of the potential futures that may exist. Through foresight, leaders can act on environmental variables in the present day to shape their desired future state(s), guiding future actions along a preferred path of decisions and actions. The sole purpose of foresight is to help make better-informed decisions in the present to drive future results. A skill all leaders want to have.

How can I start this at my organization?

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Two ways: Learn it or hire it. Foresight is a skill, so you need to either gain that skill from a trusted and proven practitioner or hire that same practitioner to do it for you. Each approach has its pros and cons.

What should I expect from this long-term?

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Understanding the future. You can expect to become distinguished among your peers as well as your competition for your understanding of the future. Understanding the future is a rare skill that only few leaders possess and it's the prime outcome you can expect from working with us.

Can't I just do this myself, why do I need you?

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As mentioned above, you can absolutely do this yourself. The key however, is ensuring you have a trusted source to impart the knowledge necessary to be successful. We are foresight experts who have completed Doctoral degrees on the subject, but we would love to share our previous success stories.
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